Interested in joining our group?                                                                 Great!

Here's what you should know!

We are a volunteer group of singers and friends who like to perform challenging and varied choral repertoire at a very high level while also finding time to socialize.

We are looking for fun singers with a strong choral/ vocal/ instrumental background who can read music well. We are listening for strong musicianship skills and singers who are sensitive to issues of blend, intonation, phrasing, and diction.

  • We audition new singers in January and August of each year, depending on the needs of the group at that time. 

  • Our regular rehearsals are on Thursday evenings from 7:00 - 9:30 pm in the downtown Silver Spring area.

  • Auditions are by appointment. To express interest and schedule an audition, submit your information using the form below. Thanks!

What should I expect at the audition?

You will sing for a panel including our artistic director and section leaders. They will ask you to do some of the following:

  • Sing a prepared solo without accompaniment (classical/ folk preferred over pop.) Choose a song that showcases your voice. If you can't think of anything, "Somewhere over the rainbow" or the National anthem will work.

  • Prepare your part in Morley's "April is in my mistress' face" and sing the piece with a quartet of section leaders (music here: April is in my mistress' face - Thomas Morley)

  • Pitch memory exercises: we play four pitches on the piano and you sing them back on "la"

  • Sight-reading: sing your part in 16 measures of a piece while we play the other three parts. You will have 30 seconds to look over your part before we begin.

If you pass the first round of auditions, we will invite you to a callback with the full choir on a Thursday evening 1-2 weeks later. You will need to prepare your part on one of the pieces we will be singing in choir and otherwise will be sight-reading new music alongside the rest of the choir.

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